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Price List for Country Catering, Inc. effective January 17, 2016*

Country Catering prides itself on its growing client list and attributes this success to our versatile food styles and easy-to-work with attitude. We are in business to satisfy your party needs, to make your graduation an individual experience for each guest and to prepare your party as you would, with care, effort and attention to detail.

Prices for selections on this page are between $26 and $36 per guest, depending on the menu selected, number of Guests and the date of the event. Please call for exact pricing for your event.

If you are ready to reserve your date you can do so by making a non-refundable deposit using our secure ordering system. Click here to get started.  Your payment will be processed through our PayPal payment partner.  You may also reserve your date by using our mail-in form by click here.


  1. Mixed greens, crumbled salmon, feta cheese, dill dressing

  2. Mandarin orange salad with caramelized nuts, vinaigrette dressing

  3. Romaine blend salad greens with red onion rings, croutons, feta cheese, tomatoes, sliced/salted almonds, Ranch, Dorothy Lynch or Caesar dressing on the side

  4. Mixed greens garnished with fresh pear slices, feta cheese, caramelized nuts. Raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

  5. Strawberry spinach salad with sliced fresh strawberries, candied nuts, feta cheese
    and poppy seed dressing.

  6. Lettuce wedge served with diced tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, and bacon bits with a choice of dressing.

  7. Cucumber bowl filled with mixed greens, candied nuts, feta cheese, and drizzled with poppy seed or raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

  8. Caesar salad-romaine blend lettuce dressed with Caesar dressing, fresh grated parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, and bacon bits.

choice of Crackers:

  • Lavosh flatbread cracker

  • Bacon wrapped breadstick

  • Wheat salad cracker


choice of Soup:

  • Roasted red pepper & tomato bisque

  • French onion & apple

  • Lobster bisque

  • Mushroom beef

  • Baked potato soup

  • Wall eye chowder



  1. 3 Beef tenderloin Medallions grilled and served on a bed of mashed potatoes and drizzled with mushroom sauce or demi glaze. - $35

  2. 8 oz. beef tenderloin -can be bacon wrapped - $38

  3. 6 oz. filet with a bacon wrapped shrimp skewer of 2 shrimp - $38

  4. 12-14 oz. prime rib of beef - $34

  5. 24 oz. Osso Bucco Pork shank served on a bed of garlic smashed potatoes drizzled with demi glaze - $30

  6. 8-10 oz. bacon wrapped pork loin with raspberry chipotle sauce - $28

  7. Seared scallops & shrimp served over a bed of zebra pasta with a lobster cream sauce - $32


  • Green bean bundles

  • Asparagus wrapped in bacon

  • Green bean almandine

  • Long stemmed green & yellow beans with carrots

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Glazed carrots

  • Vegetable blends-a unique blend for any menu-call for selection


  • Baked potato in Silver or Gold foil

  • Twice baked potato

  • Garlic smashed potato

  • Cheesy potatoes

  • New potatoes with Italian butter, parsley butter or garlic butter

  • Harvest blend potatoes-an oven roasted potato including sweet potatoes and a colored variety of purple, rose and gold.

  • Rosemary garlic redskin potato

  • Rice pilaf

  • Wild rice blend

Dinner Rolls

  • Wheat w /honey butter

  • White w/honey butter

  • Bread sticks

  • Crusty rolls/garlic parmesan spread


  • Cheesecake - assorted flavors

  • Bistro cheesecake round drizzled with sauce, Christmas mouse, petit four

  • Tiramisu

  • Chocolate layered cake drizzled with raspberry sauce

  • Bread pudding drizzled with rum sauce

  • Pie-assorted flavors


The above menus are priced to include china, stemware, flatware and plated service. Gratuity and sales tax are included thus the above pricing is inclusive per person. Please call for a quote for buffet service or to reduce the course numbers. Other charges such as transportation may not be included in this price. This pricing is based on 30 guests. Please call for a quote for smaller groups.

PLEASE NOTE:  A 10% Service Charge will be added for convention center locations.
All orders under $350 subject to $15.00 Delivery Charge.

*prices are subject to change without notice.

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